Robotics Training & Courses

Be an Innovator

Our aim is to provide students their own personal workspace and the necessary skills that are prerequisites for invention.

"Think, Build and Create"

In other words, the purpose is to make students envision ideas and build technology on their own.

What We Offer

► A 6 to 10 months' course

► Based on STEAM concept: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics

► Theoretical explanation with the help of practicals (no tedious lectures)

► Hands-on experience on real robotic kits

► Economically viable for all students

►A complete course e-booklet for the students

Our Programme

The ready-to-use learning environment of ROBOTICS makes students proficient in twenty-first-century skills through enjoyable lessons that sustain their interest and pique their curiosity, thereby arousing the innate inventor in them. Students are given a mission which they are supposed to solve by deploying their virtual robots, humanoids or autonomous cars. Every accomplished mission wins them virtual prizes; this kindles their appetite for more challenges. These challenges take monotony out of lessons: students' understanding of theory and its accurate application is the crux of each mission. Our lessons ensure that they are visualising, imbibing and executing even while playing.

► Problem Solving and Logical Building Skills

► Hands-on Learning and Engagement

► A robotic kit will be made available for every team throughout the workshop

► Robotics is Fun

► Do it Yourself

► Enhance Imagination and Creativity

Course Duration: The duration of this training course in robotics is between 6 and 10 months. It includes the introduction theories of robotics, electronic components, electronic processors and controllers and circuit development. Each module is complete with a practical to provide the best training in robotics to students. Our team of experts in robotics training visits your school during school hours along with robots, laptops and students training in software. We make sure all students are interested and stay engaged in this workshop.

Team Size and Certification

► A team can have up to 6 members

► Certificate of Completion will be provided to each team member upon completing the course within the stipulated time.