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Ecademy is a learning software developed to meet the standards of the changing learning environment with the intent to support teachers. Our imprints are beyond the boundaries of traditional classroom teaching methods. The objective is to provide enriched content with advanced learning aids that take the classroom teaching-learning experience to a new level. Ecademy equips teachers with a set of tools to create an interactive audiovisual environment for the students. This technology-oriented initiative for schools provides tools and content for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning. It includes classroom-based training modules, smart e-content, teacher support kit and other support services. The content comes with the following features like Animations, Word-bank, Mind Booster, Simulation, Visual Glossary, Lab experiments, Fun Zone and Interactive Exercises.

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Octopus K-12 SD Card Solutions

Octopus K-12 is an SD card solution that provides educational assistance to students in all the grades starting from pre-primary to grade 12. This is the application where education meets the latest technological advancements to make learning fun and easy. This is a device-specific application for Android and Windows that is provided on the SD card. This extensive solution for K-12 students estimates their preparation in all subjects and grades. Moreover, the plug and play feature allows the user to insert the SD card, download the application, register by providing a username, email address and contact number. Get ready to learn and have loads of fun.

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Octopus K-12

EVOX (Language Lab)

Evox offers a stimulating environment to use interactive digital content for the development of language acquisition skills in learners. The goal is not limited only to the area of vocabulary enhancement, but also in other crucial areas of language learning, such as grammar, pronunciation, fluency and intonation. The process allows learners to engage with confidence and build proficiency in the language. Evox provides an assessment of speaking and listening that has been designed as per the guidelines of CBSE for English proficiency test. It allows teachers to record the assessments and conduct actual tests using the software.

MBD Connect (School Management System)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)—a suite of integrated applications—allows schools to manage various functions such as examination, fees and payroll. It provides auto-generated customised reports and automation of administrative tasks with highly secure data storage. This comprehensive technology-driven solution ensures smooth functioning of multiple tasks at various levels. ERP is a one-stop solution for all the challenges that management may face during functioning. It ensures accountability, transparency and increased productivity that makes the internal communication between school, management and staff a cakewalk by providing facilities of automatic admission number generation, use of automated SMS with staff, students and parents, creation of exam structure and managing students’ performance history and creating the fee structure with the facility of online gateway for fee payment.