Learning Materials for Kindergarten

Technology has an immense influence on education over the past decade. There was a time when education was linked to money, but the things have changed now. Quality education has no more remained a dream with the development of various KG apps for kids. We all know that kids love mobile phones, so combining education with interactive apps will yield powerful outcomes. Kids are always attracted towards the electronic gadgets, especially mobile phones and never miss a chance to grasp it whenever they see it around them. In such a situation, kindergarten study material in the form of KG apps can be an exemplary way to utilize technological advancements in learning.

Parents always want their kids to stay engaged in some tasks that enhance their creativity and productivity while you do your official work, during a long trip or make an important phone call. The best way is to hand your mobile phone with the kindergarten study material in it. From awareness to advanced skills, MBD Apps are fulfilling the education requirements of kids through interactive, interesting and engaging KG apps. Our kindergarten study material enhances the kids learning through KG apps and help them in different areas including learning numbers for kindergarten, learning places, learning alphabets, etc.

How to choose the best learning materials for kindergarten?

In the world of technical advancements, there are millions of applications available at the play store. Choosing the best one can change the way a child looks at the process of learning. Our learning materials for kindergarten are fun for your child to learn specific skills, other than learning numbers for kindergarten we provide various spectacular kids learning apps that your child really gonna love.

Our educational apps will help your child learn continuously even after school and keep the little minds engaged with interactive and beautifully animated KG apps, anytime and anywhere.

How educational apps help kids to learn?

Educational apps are making learning easier for kids. There is no doubt that advancements in technology have created a better platform for education and when used in the right way, educational apps give a head start to learning numbers for kindergarten. Also, it makes kids comfortable in using technology at a younger age, which is the future of education. Every time a child engage with the learning app, it gets retain in his/her mind for a longer time. If you have no problem in handling the phone to your kids, so that they can play games and learn at the same time, then you are surely going to look at the benefits of the kids learning apps.

E-learning and m-Learning is the future of education and hence KG apps meet the current demands of education. All the KG apps by MBD are a combination of colorful and attractive animations, fascinating graphics and sound that makes primary learning joyful and interesting for kids.

Check out our all the educational apps listed below that will meet all tastes and preferences


Number Names (R&G)

This is an educational app for kids, preschoolers and toddlers, which helps them learn numbers from 1 to 100 while having fun in their free time.


Animal Homes

This is a kids’ educational app that takes kids to a wonderful animal world, where they can learn about animal names and their homes with just a swipe.


Rejoice & Grow Hindi Varnmala

This is an educational app that helps kids learn Hindi consonants in a fun and amazing way with beautiful animations and bright colours.


Learn About Insects

This is a kids’ educational app that helps kids learn about various insects, their names, pronunciation and spelling and recognise them.


Learn About Body Parts

This app helps kids learn about different parts of the body with their names and pronunciation.


Learn About Shapes

This app helps kids to learn about different shapes and identify them with the help of puzzles and games.


Spell It Right

This app helps kids learn about spellings through a game of random words.


Learn About Flowers

This app helps kids learn about flowers and their names with the images of various sparkling flowers.


Learn About Colors

This app will introduce your toddlers to the basic colours with exciting quiz and paint options.


Learn About Musical Instruments

This app helps kids learn about musical instruments with the actual images of instruments and audiovisual aids.


Learn About Animals

The perfect app for early learners: With this app kids can learn spellings, correct pronunciation and can recognise animals with pictures.


Hindi Varnmala Kids

This is a KG app that helps kids in learning Hindi using pictures and presentations.


Hindi Swarmala Kids

It is a Hindi alphabet app for kids with easy-to-use, attractive graphics and games for a fun learning experience.


Learn 1234 Kids

This is a KG app with different fun games and quizzes to provide a fun learning experience with numbers.


Learn ABCD Kids

An amazing app for toddlers: It teaches them the English alphabet with big and small letters, sound effects and beautiful illustrations.


Joy of Rhymes

This is designed for toddlers and kids of all ages. The colourful flashcards and lyrics for each rhyme keep kids entertained anywhere anytime.


Learn Urdu Kids

This app helps kids learn the basics of Urdu with attractive and high-quality pictures, text, sound and touch.


Learn About Places

This app includes different places with the place name and an audio clip for its correct pronunciation.


Learn About Vegetables

This app is a blend of fun and learning that helps kids learn names of vegetables and their pronunciation and recognise them with pictures.


Learn About Birds

This kid-friendly application features names of a variety of birds with attractive animations and correct pronunciation.


Mere Geet

This is a beautifully animated collection of popular traditional classics, specially designed for toddlers and kids of all ages.


Learn About Vehicles

Kids can learn about land vehicles, air vehicles and water vehicles along with pictures, voiceover and a game section.


Learn About Fruits

With this application, kids can learn fruit names and their pronunciation and recognise them with pictures.


Rejoice and Grow

This is a collection of beautifully animated rhymes and moral stories that will help kids learn while playing.


Learn About Professions

This app helps kids learn about different professions and occupations with real sound and human pronunciation.


MBD Digital Slate

MBD Digital Slate App allow your kids to draw cartoons, learn numerals, learn alphabets by coloring, drawing, scribing, and painting.



The app provides a fun and easy way for kids to get familiar with the English words, vocabulary and learn spellings.


Learning Times Tables for Kids

Learning Times Tables app is the best way to learn multiplication and improve the grades of your kids in elementary school.


Learn Clock and Time

Learn Clock And Time app teach your preschoolers and young school kids to tell the time in a fun way.