Hardware Solutions

Interactive Flat Panel or IFP

MBD provides an Interactive Flat Panel or IFP which ensures an effortless experience of writing, supports all system wireless transmission screens of a tablet, computer, smartphone as well as gestures of drag, zoom, and erase. IFP is utilized for managing the classroom and time effectively. Valuable resources such as graphs, images, charts, videos, etc can be shared through IFP.

Interactive Whiteboard or IWB

MBD provides the facility of an Interactive Whiteboard or smart board to enhance learning and teaching experience in a classroom for students as well as teachers. With the help of an interactive whiteboard, teachers can efficiently impart knowledge to their students as they are exposed to a vast amount of resources.


With modern learning paving its way into the market, MBD decided to distribute desktops/laptops/tablets to several educational institutions. MBD has always believed in providing education to students in whatever way possible, whether it is by selling books at an affordable cost or giving out desktops/laptops/tablets to schools.


MBD introduced teachers to projectors, a display device, which made their teaching process much more effortless. There are various benefits of using a projector in a classroom. Some of them include sharing valuable information with just a single click, interactive class sessions, video lessons, etc.


Visualizers have served as valuable learning material for students. With MBD offering visualizers to schools, students are able to experience a completely new classroom setup. A visualizer is basically flexible equipment that is used to show a digital projection of any physical object such as a book.

CCTV Camera

Educational institutions have to ensure the safety of students, teachers, and other staff as long as they are on their premises. Hence, MBD installed CCTV cameras on school premises so that students and teachers feel safe while they are in the school. Because of CCTV cameras, one can avoid any mishap from happening such as burglary, theft, vandalism, etc.


MBD designs the server to suit every individual institution’s need and requirement. Currently, so many people are switching to eLearning platforms to teach and learn. Hence, a safe and secure server is necessary to provide an efficient learning and teaching experience to all. A reliable server ensures privacy, security, availability, safety, etc.

Computer Lab Setup

MBD has set up computer labs across various schools so that students can get knowledge about its functioning. Computers open a different world of learning. There is so much to learn which will be beneficial for students in the long run. It is useful even for teachers who can use the internet on a computer to access resources available online.