Class 7 CBSE Study Material

MBD Alchemié provides a number of facilities to students that help them study and learn in a better way. At this point when students are transitioning from middle to senior school, they need monitoring and guidance at each step. MBD Alchemié study material helps them learn with engaging videos, learning app for class 7, study material for class 7, CBSE ebooks for class 7, etc. We strive to prepare the best material as we believe that exciting, open-ended learning experiences further enhance students’ desire to learn.Read More

Class 7 is the time of a big change where the emphasis should be on integrating the experience with the emerging sense of learning more. Now the curriculum is more varied which demands students to be encouraged and connected with their studies through interesting modes of learning. To create an eagerness for learning more and more, we bring learning app for class 7, study material for class 7 CBSE, CBSE ebooks for class 7 and much more to make learning much easier and interesting.

How Study Material for Class 7 Helps Students?

It is advisable to focus on the exams and pay attention to your studies. Comprehensive and easy-to-understand content is available in the study material for class 7 to give a clear and detailed explanation for each and every concept to prepare for the exams. The study material for class 7 CBSE and CBSE ebooks for class 7 are beneficial for the students to maintain a good academic record.


The study material for class 7, learning app for class 7 and CBSE ebooks for class 7 is being used by a majority of students and all of them have witnessed an increase in the overall percentage. Take a look at some of its best features.

Interactive ebooks - The interactive ebooks offers a large number of high quality multimedia content and interactive modules for all the subjects.

Concept Videos – Wide range of concept videos are available for all subjects from grade 1 to grade 12.

Subscription-based Access - Provides multiple subscription packages. Users can subscribe to the module according to their requirements.

Single Salable Unit – Class-wise concept videos, assessments and interactive ebooks available for students to subscribe.

Content Usage Tracking – Parents and students can see the entire semester grade report for students and analyse their strengths and weaknesses.

Scalability - Scalable to adapt to multiple countries/curriculum

Handheld Device Support – App-based Content access using different handheld devices like tablets, mobile devices, etc.

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Total Subjects: 7
Social Studies
General Knowledge
Content Videos: 801
Mathematics : 164
Science : 273
English : 89
Hindi : 161
Social Studies : 65
Computers : 15
General Knowledge : 34
Status: Published Board: CBSE Grade Name: Class 7

Course Content

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Social Studies
  • Computers
  • General Knowledge



Fractions and Decimals

Data Handling

Simple Equations

Lines and Angles

The Triangle and its Properties

Congruence of Triangles

Comparing Quantities

Rational Numbers

Practical Geometry

Perimeter and Area

Exponents and Powers



Nutrition in Plants

Nutrition in Animals

Animals Fibre and Fabrics


Acids, Bases and Salts

Physical and Chemical Changes

Weather, Climates and Adaptations

Winds, Storms and Cyclones


Respiration in Organisms

Motion and Time


Water: A Precious Resource

Natural Resources: Forest

Waste Water Theory




Revision of Tenses

I have, I have got


Seven Basic Patterns

The Infinitive

The Gerund

Use of Have

There & It

Wh- Words

Sentence: Phrases and Clauses

Do You Know Who

Passive Constructions

Reported Speech

No, Not, Any, None, etc…

Every, All, Most, Both etc…

Much, Many, A Lot of, etc…

Adjectives and Adverbs

Adverbs and Adverb Phrases


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