Class 2 CBSE Study Material

Building on the child’s expanding imagination is the focus of our class 2 programme in which you get the best class 2 study material. We make sure that exciting and open-ended learning experiences are provided which will further enhance the desire to learn. This will ultimately boost students’ confidence and eagerness to take on challenging tasks. MBD Alchemié provides class 2 study material online for students. Also, get access to videos, interactive ebooks and unlimited practice questions.Read More

Class 2 is the stage when the foundations are laid for the student’s entire future education. Knowledge requires building the base of a subject layer by layer; staying behind in the early years of education makes it difficult to catch up later. For this reason, it is believed that grade 1 and grade 2 provide the opportunity for parents and teachers to have an impact on students’ education.

Children are naturally curious and want to explore, discover and learn in the most interactive manner. Motivating them to study can be difficult, but using fun and engaging methods make the process less of a chore. To make it more interesting for them, class 2 study material is showcased in a way that keeps the students engaged in learning; if it brings pleasure to them, they want to repeat it. The right support and content in the early years help children to grow into creative and adventurous individuals.


Interactive ebooks - The interactive ebooks offers a large number of high quality, multimedia content and interactive modules for all the subjects.

Concept Videos – A wide range of concept videos are available for all subjects from grade 1 to grade 12.

Subscription-based Access - Provides multiple subscription packages. Users can subscribe to the module according to their requirements.

Single Salable Unit – Class-wise concept videos, assessments & interactive ebooks available for students to subscribe.

Content Usage Tracking – Parents & students can see the entire semester grade report for students and analyse their strengths and weaknesses.

Scalability - Scalable to adapt to multiple countries/curriculum

Handheld Device Support – App-based Content access using different handheld devices like tablets and mobile devices.

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Course Content for Class 2

  • Hindi
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Computers
  • General Knowledge
  • EVS
  • eBooks

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Class 2 CBSE eBooks