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When it comes to prepare for the board exams and score good marks, most of the students waste their time searching for the right study material available in the market. However, a bundle of books piled up in your bookshelf will not assure you good grades and success. Study deeply from one book, rather than just turning the pages of hundreds of books. NCERT (National Council of Education, Research and Training) is a remarkable name in the field of education. NCERT books and solutions for CBSE board exams are highly useful for the students going to appear CBSE board exams, as they cover the complete syllabus and focus on the fundamentals to help the students to learn from the basics.

Key Benefits of Using NCERT Books and Solutions for CBSE Board Exams 

In-depth Knowledge in Easy Language – NCERT books and solutions are designed in a way that covers all the concepts with clarity and serves the students irrespective of their intelligence. The books are written by experts after a deep research on every topic. NCERT books, if studied thoroughly can clear all the doubts giving a deep understanding of the topics and subjects.

Best Books for CBSE Board Exams – The another important reason why NCERT Books are considered the best for CBSE board exams is, the books adhere CBSE curriculum that makes them sufficient enough for the preparation. The content and syllabus of the books is not only sufficient for board exams but also forms the base for competitive exams like JEE and NEET. Also, most of the questions in CBSE board exams are picked from NCERT books. 99% of the questions in CBSE board exams are from NCERT and nothing asked out of NCERT books.

Clear Fundamental Concept – NCERT books are sufficient to cover the entire syllabus including all the fundamentals in a simple language to make the concepts crystal clear. With having concepts clear in your mind, you will not need to cram the things again and again. Online study material CBSE and NCERT books and solutions are considered ideal for a comprehensive study and to make concepts clear in mind.

CBSE Prescribe NCERT Books – CBSE itself prescribe NCERT books and ask schools not to refer other books, as they are a total wastage of time and also burdening too. They say that NCERT books alone are sufficient to score good marks in boards and there is no need to unnecessary push the limits and study the same syllabus from different books.

Save Your Time – With simple and easy language students can learn and grasp the concepts in less time, as compared to other books. NCERT books provide you the solutions of all simple as well as complex problems at the same place.

With so many benefits of NCERT books and solutions, we are not saying that there is the harm in using other reference books, but it is seen that those books provide brief notes without any basic knowledge which can confuse students. Also, studying from various reference books is time-wasting.


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