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Modern vs Traditional Teaching Methods

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With the advancement of digitization, education has also taken a step forward and adapted the modern technologies along with traditional learning methods to impart education in schools, colleges and institutions. Education is an important aspect of a human life. Therefore, it is important to provide education accurately and in a right manner. There are two types of teaching methods: Traditional Methods (or Old-Age Technologies) and Modern Methods ( or Current Technologies). Some institutions are following traditional teaching methods while some has adapted the modern methods for teaching whereas there are some institutions which are amalgamating both the methods to provide effective education.

Traditional Teaching Techniques

Traditional teaching methods consist of a teacher or a lecturer giving lecture and writing everything on board that students have to note down in their notebook and later on, have to memorize everything that they have written. Here, the main purpose is to provide notes so that students pass their examinations and not actually gain any knowledge that one should be getting.

Pros of Traditional Methods

  • There is no communication gap between teachers and students and students can freely clear their doubts then and there.
  • This method is much more economical.
  • There are few subjects such as Chemistry and Maths which can be best explained on a blackboard and there is a lot of explaining to do.
  • Timings are fixed for each and every class which makes students more disciplined and punctual.

Cons of Traditional Methods

  • Each child learns and understands at its own pace and teacher cannot put their entire focus on a particular child which results in some of the students lagging behind in class.
  • The focus is more on passing the examination rather than gaining or acquiring the knowledge.
  • At times, teachers don’t even bother to interact with the students to check whether they have understood the concept or not.
  • Students are encouraged to memorize and write it in exams.

Modern Teaching Techniques

Modern teaching methods basically include online learning. In this method, students have the access to all the learning materials at their fingertips. This promotes individual learning wherein a student, without any help, can study various topics and memorize or learn them in an interesting and creative manner. Various up-to-date gadgets are available for effortless teaching such as laptops, computers, tablets, smart phones, etc.

Pros of Modern Methods

  • Students learn and understand each and every concept at their own speed as they are the center of attention.
  • More emphasis is put on acquiring knowledge.
  • It includes creative and interesting ways of imparting education.
  • Beneficial in skill building.

Cons of Modern Methods

  • It is costly as each and every student should have their own smart devices such as laptops, computers, smart phones and tablets.
  • Not beneficial for teaching a large group of students.
  • Students may not get their doubts solved then and there.
  • Using electronic devices puts strain on the eyes.

Amalgamation of modern and traditional teaching methods for better results
As we have gone through the advantages and disadvantages of modern as well traditional learning methods, we should understand the fact that teaching process can only become effective if we combine modern and traditional methods. Usage of both the methods alongside will prove to be much more effective than using a single method of teaching. The main motive of imparting education is to spread knowledge among students. They should be able to understand the concepts clearly which will result in the development of nation as skills are very necessary for one’s growth in life. Everything has its own limitations, but together they become much more powerful and overshadows the others faults. Both of these methods are equally productive and beneficial for students.


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