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Important Tips to Prepare for Your 12th Board Maths Exams

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The 12th board exams prove to be a major milestone in a student’s life. It is the result of these exams that will determine which course and college you can later choose to pursue your life’s goals. So, it goes without saying that your preparation needs to be top notch. A subject that can play a major role in your overall percentage, which is supposed to be quite a scoring subject as well, is mathematics. Many students feel a lot of trepidation when faced with the subject, but with the right CBSE study material for class 12 and some simple planning, scoring well in maths is not as as hard as it is made out to be.

Understand the marks distribution

One of the most common mistakes to avoid in board examinations is not paying ample attention to the marks distribution. While it is important to have a basic knowledge of the CBSE study material for class 12 for mathematics, students need to pay extra attention to the topics that have more weightage; they should master the high weightage topics.

Make a plan

You have the required CBSE study material for class 12, you know the topics and chapters you find easy, and you know about the chapters that you need to work upon. This information should be used to create a practical study plan. While many students do pay attention to their weak areas, many tend to ignore the topics they are familiar with. Instead, revision should form a major part of the preparation as well. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that your study plan should be realistic. You should not overwork yourself; take an ample amount of breaks in between study sessions.


After studying the chapters and the required CBSE study material for class 12, you should take mock tests which are timed, sample papers, and previous years’ board papers. This will give you a basic idea about what you can expect and how you are at dealing with time management. Regular assessments will also give you a better grasp of which areas still need some work. You will then be able to adjust your study plan accordingly. Also, solve as many problems as you can find to get better with every practice session.

Formulas make a huge part of mathematics. Whenever you come across a new or old one while studying, make sure you list them out on a separate sheet of paper. Then, keep this list handy and practice your formulas whenever you have time.

Your overall health

One of the most common mistakes to avoid in board examinations is ignoring your health in the heat of preparation. A lot of students tend to work throughout the day and night to be able to cram up all the concepts. But, a relaxed mind is a retentive and attentive mind. Your study plan should be realistic and you should pay attention to rest and sustenance. Losing your health will not be beneficial in any situation.

A good amount of practice and a realistic study plan can go a long way in helping you prepare well for your 12th maths board exam, so make sure you adopt this approach.


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