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Impact of a Major Shift from Real to Virtual

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The Coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to shift from the real to the virtual world. Each and every sector got affected a lot by this pandemic. The people were of the view that coronavirus might go away soon, but with the increase in cases, people were forced to stay at home and resume work virtually. In fact, the education sector is the one which proved to be a success in shifting from the real to the virtual world.
Initially, it was an unsatisfying experience for teachers as well as students. But with time, everyone adapted this virtual world with open hands as they were not left with any other option. All thanks to new technologies which have made it happen. The age of digitization has made it possible for students to attend classes and lectures and for teachers to teach by sitting at their homes. It is because of this virtual world that classes could resume just like before.
This major shift impacted the education sector the most as the academic year of students was getting wasted. To switch to the virtual world was not an easy task as there are various things that should be kept in mind before taking any decision to resume classes online. Some of the major things which are essential to attend classes virtually are a laptop or mobile or computer, an active net connection, etc. For teachers, it posed a major challenge as students were not ready to cooperate. They were not habitual of this and it took a lot of time to make students get familiar with this new environment.
With the help of technologies, the education sector, successfully, took teaching into the virtual world. The world of the internet proved to be fruitful for everyone. Still, there are few challenges that come from time to time such as conducting online exams and teaching practical things, but, for now, at least the studies are continuing which is a big relief to all educational institutions.
This pandemic gave us the reason to use technology in a right and balanced way. Even in the future, schools and colleges can incorporate the use of technology very efficiently. Technology is the future of tomorrow and with the perfect blend of real and virtual, the experience of teaching can be enhanced.


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