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How To Improve Your Concentration While Studying

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Are you the one whose mind flit from one thing to another? Do you suddenly start feeling that the walls of your study room are so fascinating? Do you sometimes find that counting the floor tiles of your room is an interesting task? If so, then welcome to the gang! You are probably the same type of student I was during my school and college days.

” The person who can concentrate will gain full control over his mind and body and will become the master of his inclinations, not their slave “

Many students complain that they can’t concentrate while studying and they get easily distracted even by the ticking sound of the wall clock which affects their score in the online assessment test. Concentrating on a topic or a subject, especially when the subject is not one of your favorite subjects. We all have the ability to concentrate, but it needs to be fully engrossed in whatever we are doing. Just think of a time when you were watching a movie last time. Did you feel lack of concentration at that time? Absolutely NO, because we were enjoying doing so. The trick is, use the same strategy to your studies.

Improve Your Concentration While Studying

Here are some effective tips that will surely help you to concentrate while studying:

  • Find Your Study Space – The choice of study space can affect your level of concentration. Choose a study environment with minimum distractions, clean, organized and good lightening, this will help reduce distractions. Especially for girls, don’t study in a room where there is a mirror. Nothing distracts a girl more than a mirror in front of her.
  • Turn off Your Cell Phone – Cell phones are the biggest distraction for today’s generation. Keeping it beside you will create an urge to check it every minute just to have a look at your timeline. Moreover, seeing the pictures of others make you feel that their life is more interesting than yours and hence you lose interest in studies.
  • Take Regular Breaks – Sitting for long hours in the same place makes you feel like you are studying, but the fact is, you will just sit idle and stare at the book. Go outside and take a brisk walk, it will make you to return to your task refreshed and recharged. You will now focus more creatively.
  • Eat Healthy – A healthy diet not only helps in concentration, but also have various benefits in your life. Eat food that is rich in all the necessary nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins. Avoid excessive intake of tea and coffee.
  • Set Goals And Reward Yourself – Set a time limit before you start, for example : “I will finish chapter 3 in half an hour”. By setting this goal your subconscious mind will focus on completing the task within the time. Moreover, set a reward for yourself every time you accomplish a goal.

Also, find out some tips that will improve your communication skills and help you to communicate effectively in all aspects of your life, from your professional life to social gatherings and everything in between. You can never become super concentrated in your activities within a day. Keep practicing all the above mentioned tips and improve your concentration.


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