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How To Crack A Campus Placement Interview?

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Anxiety, sleepless nights, tension, etc. No, don’t take me wrong, I am not discussing about any disease. These are the symptoms of a job interview fear and it has been observed that approx 80% students suffer from this fear. Interviews are always considered a nerve-cracking experience, because despite of having a complete knowledge about the subject or profile, you will be judged on the basis of your performance within few minutes. Interview can be stressful considering the fact that you have very limited time to show your potential and capability, but this fear can be minimized by practicing through various online tests, including performance assessment test, online reasoning test, etc.

Crack A Campus Placement Interview

Here are some lesser known tips that are unknown to most of the job seekers which can help to crack a campus placement interview:

Each interview is different, but still there are some general things which should be kept in mind before appearing in it. Most of the time, the problem lies with you and not with your resume.

Overcome the fear of rejection – Have you ever wonder, why you always get the jitters when it comes to interview? The reason is “fear of rejection”. The constant fear of losing can never let anyone to achieve the goal. Change your attitude towards the interview and appear in an interview with the attitude as you don’t need this job. Even if you get rejected, there are lots of opportunities at your door.

Research about the company and wear a formal attire – It is very important to stay updated with the company’s latest news, the name of the founder and CEO of the company. Besides this, your dress matters a lot, as this is the first thing your interviewer see when you step into the room. A formally dressed candidate always gets preference over a candidate who is dressed informally. Take care of the color of your dress, never wear bright colors (red, violet, dark pink, etc.), wear colors like blue black and baby pink.

Learn to accept what you don’t know – Never give any faulty or wrong answers if you don’t know it, because the other person is not a fool. The interviewer is fine if you don’t know the answer but he never likes you to take him for a ride. If you do not know or are not confident about your answer, then say, ‘I am sorry, sir, but I do not know the answer to this question.’

Answer questions directly – Answer your questions directly and then explain it with examples. Choose your examples carefully that highlight past successes and relate it those projects which the interviewer is facing. There is no magic to interviewing. It is a skill that can be learned and developed with practice.

Smile often – While begging or crying does not work, smiling does. A smiling face often has a positive impact on the other person and shows that the applicant is confident and easy going. Practicing performance assessment test and online aptitude test help to build your confidence.

Ask questions to the interviewer – Every interviewer gives a chance to the candidate to ask him questions at the end of the interview. Utilize this opportunity by asking relevant questions. You can ask for the feedback, irrespective how your interview went. It gives a positive impression as the interviewer feels that the applicant has a positive attitude and is willing to accept feedback.

Lastly, understand that rejection has nothing to do with you personally. It is about an understanding that your abilities do not suit the job. So, gear up for the next opening.



  • Ritesh Sharma

    Wonderful article !! i was looking for this same kind of information over the net and found your article which i think is great for every job seekers how are preparing for their interviews and i specially feels that first hurdle in interview is aptitude tests so its important that you should be very fine with the aptitude concepts.Thank You.

  • mayur

    Very helpful article!
    There are many candidates who are aiming to get place in campus placement, so they need to get prepare in that way. You have shared a great tips and guide here to get good job in company that they are dreaming too. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable article!

  • Great article!
    I think its very tough for students to prepare for campus placements as we can see there is more competition among all for getting job or getting placed in top companies. so, for that preparing for campus interview is the most important task for candidates. You have shared a great article here over how to get prepare for campus interview and it will be very useful for all candidates. Thanks a lot!

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