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Formulating a Study Plan for Class 10th Board Exams

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Preparing for what many term as “the biggest exam of your life” isn’t the easiest thing. It tends to get complicated, with old lessons still sitting your head while the new ones pile up. Then there’s your family keeping an eye on your study hours. In fact, the whole countdown to the board exams can become a scary affair. But does it have to be like this? The answer is a big NO, but only if you are smart enough to have a study plan for 10th board exams in place. You may know that the most elementary study plan would include organising your time and making a study timetable. But that is easier said than done. So, for all those students who are worrying themselves sick about the impending examination, here is how to formulate a study plan class 10th Board exams that will work.

Begin Early

Students often ignore their body clock, especially when they are on preparatory leave. Most students study late into the night and sleeping till late next morning. You should start studying early in the morning. Also, start preparing for exams way in advance so that you have enough time revised everything. You can even look for CBSE study material for Class 10 online to help you with your studies.

Break Down Things into Achievable Targets

Take a piece of paper and write down each subject. Under each subject, list all the things that you need to study. This will cover all topics for a particular subject, including what you covered each week in class or tuitions. This in turn will provide a reality check on where your preparation stands at the moment.

Be Specific

You need to be specific about what you need to do in order to feel confident in all of the areas you need to study. For example, if one area is trigonometry, list down the exact page numbers and exercises that you need to practice to feel confident in trigonometry. You can also look for study material for CBSE online for learning.

Factor in Breaks

Whatever you do, you cannot forget to set aside time for sleep and food. Everyone works differently but as rule, a 5 to 10 minutes break every hour is a good amount. You can also give yourself night off every once in a while.

Mix it up

No one likes to study a single subject for 7 hours straight. In your study plan, give yourself a mix of subjects each day so that you reduce chances of losing interest quickly. Many people are more productive during the morning. so try mixing the time of the day to tackle different subjects.

Don’t be hard on yourself

Your study timetable is not something that is set in stone. You can always find ways to improve it as time passes. Be flexible with your study plan and be ready to move things around if you think that your estimations were a little wrong.

Try to set a specific time to study every day. This, you will find, makes things much easier that it is. Look at the classes you have to attend, if you have any, and plan accordingly. This will help you settle a realistic goals every for each day. You can also take help of CBSE study material for class 10 that is available online. Keep in mind that the grades you get in your 10th board exams do matter and they will determine your career graph, to a large extent. Remember to put your best foot forward during the exam and avoid panicking.


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