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Effective Ways to Boost Brain Power and Deal with the Anxiety before Exams

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The more it works, the more it rejuvenates. Ain’t it interesting that unlike other things of nature, when we make more use of brain and do more activities it turns into an exercise for the muscles and enhance the capability of the human brain. Undoubtedly, the importance of memory in human life is incomparable. Brain memory is the lifeline of human life that distinguishes human beings from other living things on earth. The other thing that differentiates human beings from others is the annual exams. Exams are necessary to promote you to the next class. However, it sometimes becomes difficult to deal with nervousness and anxiety before exams.

It is our capability to encode, retain and afterward callback information and past experiences. In general terms, memory can be thought of as the use of past occurrence to impact or influence current behavior. Memory is the mix of what we see and hear and gives us the capability to learn from previous experiences as well as to build relationships. The human brain has an astonishing cognition to adapt with the help of online learning. One of the popular advantages of online learning is that no hurdles of money, efforts and time could keep a person from gaining knowledge, boost brain power and calm the nerves before exams.

Here are a few ways to boost brain power and deal with anxiety before exams:

Train your brain

More you make use of memory; more is brain active and trained. Learning phone numbers and other cards number could be taken as start up to this train brain exercise. In addition to this, avoiding the use of calculators for short calculations can also help to enhance cognitive skills. Rather relying on devices, make positive stress on brain tissues. MBD Alchemie, one of the top online learning platforms give you an access to practice as much as you want to make your brain active and trained.


The human brain is very much attentive towards new things and learning. Using challenging puzzles can boost brainpower. Crossword, Sudoku, chess, etc. could be used to scratch your brain tissues.

Sleep well

Things we do every day must be done in such a manner that could boost brainpower. To keep one’s brain active and energize, a solid seven hours of sleep is important that improves cognitive skills of the person. In case, a person misses to catch enough sleep, a power nap can recharge the person to stay focused. Researchers suggest that power nap could result in the unparalleled improvements in memory of a person.

Yoga And Exercises

The mind needs both peaceful and energized environment to boost brainpower. Yoga and exercise create the serenity that relaxes the mind and let it work again with full energies. According to the researches, yoga can ameliorate mood and concentration, intensify cognitive performance, and even forbid cognitive decline in older adults.

Listen To The Music

Now, this might be music to the ears of some people. Yes! Listening to music also works as a relaxing therapy for the human brain. Listening to Mozart can give your brain a boost. It is observed that people who heard the classical composer’s music showed an increase in brain wave activity linked with memory, understanding and problem-solving.

You don’t have to be a person of distinct qualities to enhance the capacity of your brain. All you need is having good preparation and calm down the nerves before exams.


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