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Status: Published Board: CBSE Grade Name: Class 6

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About the eBook

The NEW LEARNWELL series of textbooks from Holy Faith International marks a breakthrough in children's textbooks. Drawing inspiration from the National Curriculum Framework, the series makes learning a fun affair by presenting information in a refreshingly new format that is highly conducive to quick assimilation and retention of classroom lessons.

Special Features of the Book

• Previous Connect– ensures preparedness through warm up exercises
• Let Us Learn About – introduces important topics covered in the chapter
• Fact File – caters to students curiosity
• Let Us Do – activities to enhance the practical knowledge of students
• Time to Answer – short in-text questions to quickly revise the concepts learnt
• Key Terms – explanation of important terms
• Now I Know – concise summary to revise the chapter
• Let Us Practise – checks students' understanding through objective and descriptive questions
• HOTS – application based questions to enhance the critical thinking
• Let Us Discuss – questions to discuss and enhance the communication skills and learning
• Activity Zone – explores students' creativity at the end of each chapter
• In the Lab – questions to practically apply the concepts learnt in the class
• Value Based Question – develops a sense of personal, social and moral well being
• Web Reference – helps students explore more about the topics
• National Cyber Olympiad Sample Questions – questions provided to practice for competitive exams
• Note for the Teacher – suggestions for the teachers to introduce or explain a topic or a chapter
• Each book comes with additional support modules in the form of Teacher's Resources like e-book, test generator and interactive classroom activities in digital format – all free.