HF New Learnwell General Knowledge Class-1 CBSE (E)

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Status: Published Board: CBSE Grade Name: Class 1

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About the eBook

The NEW LEARNWELL series of textbooks from Holy Faith International marks a breakthrough in children's textbooks. Drawing inspiration from the National Curriculum Framework, the series makes learning a fun affair by presenting information in a refreshingly new format that is highly conducive to quick assimilation and retention of classroom lessons.

Special Features of the Book

• Mini – Icon of an imaginary bird Mini interacts with kids at the beginning of each chapter
• Remember – is an important rule for kids to learn
• Do you Know – provides fascinating facts for kids to learn
• Helpbox – provides clues for kids to answer
• Gear Up – is a set of questions to test kid's agility
• Just Chill – is an activity to stimulate creativity in kids
• Lifeskills – ethical skills for personality development of kids
• Try Yourself – is a revision exercise to access kids at the end of each unit
• Model Test Paper – is a set of summative assessment for kids to evaluate themselves
• Explore – helps kids to find out new things related with the topic concern Each book comes with additional support modules in the form of Teacher's Resources like e-book, test generator and interactive classroom activities in digital format – all free.