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Status: Published Board: CBSE Grade Name: Class 12

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About the eBook

Modern’s abc of Introductory Macroeconomics and Indian Economic Development for Class XII is written by an eminent author of the subject, in conformity with the latest CBSE syllabus of Economics for Senior Secondary level and the latest competitive examinations. This textbook has been bifurcated into two parts viz. Macroeconomics and Indian Economic Development to make a comparative study of economic theory and their applications in everyday life at individual and national levels. Some of the notable features of this book are:

• The chapters have been presented in a simple and lucid style.
• The economic concepts have been expressed in a systematic and logical manner.
• The ‘Learning Objectives’ explain the crux of the themes for study.
• Elaborate use of diagrams, flowcharts and schedules and box items have been made to develop clarity of thought and ideas for the subject.
• Simple use of equations, formulae and its derivatives have been expressed in detail.
• Numerical Solved Examples have been given in a step-by-step manner so that students can learn from them.
• Exercises with Very Short Answers (VSA), Short Answers (SA), Long Answers (LA), Objective Types and Numerical Questions have been given for self-practise so that students may assess themselves.
• Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) have been solved in order to develop reasoning sense as well as ethical perspective respectively in students.
• Glimpses given at the end of each chapter is the summary of important points of the chapter that help in recapitulation of basic concepts.
• Project Work provides a good opportunity to students to explore their academic skills, information and communication technology in due course of their learning process and correlate them with broader economic realities.