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Status: Published Series: PruQuest Grade Name: Class 2

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About the eBook

The PruQuest Science series textbooks are aligned with the vision and theme of the National Curriculum Framework. The PruQuest Science series aims at encouraging inventiveness, creativity and competence in children. Each book in PruQuest Science series presents the content in a clear, concise and logical manner. Each lesson is divided into topics and subtopics with embedded in-text activities that encourages learning by doing.

Each lesson is then followed by wide-ranging, well-formulated questions in the section, which address the different cognitive levels of children.

The series includes numerous activities, hands-on experiments and a wide range of assessment questions that address a diverse group of students. The PruQuest Science series aims at developing
• scientific skills such as observation, investigation, exploration, interpretation, drawing conclusion;
• creativity;
• scientific values and temperament; and
• awareness and sympathy towards the environment.