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About the eBook

The foundation of the PruQuest Mathematics series, grades 1 to 8, is laid on the three building blocks of learning: exploration, understanding and application.
The unique approach of the series addresses all the demands of the NCF 2005 and is in compliance with the principles of continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE).
The series caters to the needs of different types of learners (VAK and Multiple Intelligences).

The following distinctive features of the series make it a one-stop source for teachers and learners:

• Concept explanation through a variety of mediums – real-life examples, stories, poems, arrow diagrams and so on.
• Interdisciplinary connect.
• Comprehensive and adequate practice material in the form of examples, practice exercises, and home assignments.
• The sections Fun Activity, Enrichment, Project, HOTS and Math Lab Activity keep the interest levels of the learner high and provide the learner with hands-on experience of the subject.
• Life Skills enable the learner to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.
• Formative and Summative Assessments help in continuous evaluation at regular intervals and assess the child's overall understanding of the concepts.
• Mental Maths (3–5) enables a learner to perform quick mental calculations.

The series offers simple, wide-ranging and interesting learning material.

The series further aids in the overall and complete development of the learner.